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Am I Insane? Looking for a interesting man!

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#1 Lolitainins Members Just Starting 1 posts 0.00 XCB

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Posted 21 July 2023 - 02:56 AM

Slightly off topic :)

It so happened that my sister found an interesting man here, and recently got married ^_^
(Brandon, don't troll!!!)

Is there are handsome people here! ;) I'm Maria, 28 years old.
I work as a model, successfull - I hope you do too! Although, if you are very good in bed, then you are out of the queue!)))
Like me here plz: http://everydating.o...le/Lolitainins/ (if wife is around, don't click! :D)
By the way, there was no sex for a long time, it is very difficult to find a decent one...

And no! I am not a prostitute! I prefer harmonious, warm and reliable relationships. I cook deliciously and not only ;) I have a degree in marketing.

My photo:


The photo is broken, sorry(((
My profile on dating app: http://everydating.o...le/Lolitainins/
Or write to me in telegram @Lolitainins_best ( start chat with your photo!!!)
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#2 fluppy Ancient One I didn't know I could change this. 1585 posts 129.00 XCB

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Posted 23 July 2023 - 10:45 PM

Wow! Nice to finally see a lady around here, ha ha ha  :joy:  :joy:  :tongue-out:


I think you're a liar. There's no way your sister found an interesting man here. Everyone on XC is boring as fuck. Actually, maybe you're married to Sun? CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING, haha  :joy:  :joy:  :tongue-out:


I've got an idea: you should message DarkBlaze557. He's the only real man here, haha  :joy:  :joy:  :tongue-out:


I'd message you, but you said you're not a prostitute. PM me if you'd like to exchange money for sex, haha  :joy:  :joy:  :tongue-out:

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