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Another self-imposed "do everything" challenge...

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#1 RiverShock Ancient One XC's Official Setmaker 4563 posts 86.00 XCB

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Posted 19 December 2018 - 04:34 AM

Been a little while since my last one, This time, I plan to use every field-clearing effect in the game... Posting this before next year since there's a reasonable chance I missed a card, and want to see if anyone can catch any I did miss. I likely won't do anything on this list until next year, however. (Though there are a large number, so it's possible I do get a head start I suppose.)


My definition of "field-clearing" here is effects that will normally remove all cards on the opponent's field from the field. I'm excluding cards like Evenly Matched and Core Blast that CAN remove all cards the opponent controls from the field, but require outside interactions to do it. (For example, yes, you could chain Compulsory Evacuation Device to Core Blast, and make it so you control no monsters, thus destroying the opponent's entire field. But you'll normally control at least 1, so I'm not counting it.) Likewise, goes without saying, but yes, technically a card like Fissure can destroy "every card the opponent controls" if they only control a single face-up monster, but those obviously won't be considered.



Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler
Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode
Beast King Barbaros
Demise, King of Armageddon
Demise, Supreme King of Armageddon
Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua
Gabrion, the Timelord
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
Goddess of Sweet Revenge
Judgment Dragon
Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
Nekroz of Sophia
Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
Rainbow Dragon
Sky Scourge Norleras
Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth
Steelswarm Hercules
The Wicked Eraser
Tierra, Source of Destruction
Totem Five
World of Prophecy
Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon
Black Rose Dragon (Completed 06/01/19)
Elemental HERO Magma Neos
Elemental HERO Nebula Neos (Completed 17/01/19)
Elemental HERO Storm Neos (Completed 17/01/19)
Evilswarm Exciton Knight
Fairy Knight Ingunar
Jurrac Meteor
Majestic Star Dragon
Mirror Force Dragon
Number 51: Finisher the Strong Arm
Number 7: Lucky Straight
Number 86: Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad
Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon
Number C69: Heraldry Crest of Horror
Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
Outer Entity Azathot
Rainbow Overdragon
Stellarknight Triverr
Supreme King Z-ARC
Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend
Zoodiac Boarbow
Abyss Prop - Wild Wagon
Clashing Souls
Crystal Abundance
Dark Burning Magic
Des Croaking
Deskbot Base
Fandora, the Flying Furtress
Final Destiny
Final Inzektion
Forge of the True Dracos
Mega Ton Magical Cannon
Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
Short Circuit
Slash Draw
Super Quantal Alphan Spike
The Law of the Normal
Wrath of Neos (Completed 17/01/19)
Yang Zing Prana
Chosen of Zefra
Elemental Burst
Extinction on Schedule
Huge Revolution
Jurrac Impact
Vendread Daybreak (Completed 06/01/19)
Volcanic Eruption




Ones that aren't currently legal (either not released here, or banned):

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

Fiber Jar

Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction

Elemental HERO Cosmo Neos

Judgment, the Seraphic Dragon

Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon

Quintet Magician

Last Turn

Witch's Strike


I probably won't do most of these, unless they become usable during the course of the year (so Cosmo Neos, Witch's Strike and Chaos Emperor Dragon will probably join the main list eventually).



Given the sheer number, there's a fair chance I won't get to all of these within a year. But I guess I'll try, even though I'm not looking forward to some of them. (Boarbow and Azathot in particular, as well as the ones like Majestic Star Dragon and Mirror Force Dragon that require the opponent to do something... And Witch's Strike when it comes out, since it'll likely be expensive.) Also, I plan on legitimately doing these. I could cheese a huge number of them with Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude, Phantom of Chaos and Junk Collector. But I'm not going to. (Except maybe close to the end of the year if I'm still a way off.)



Who knew there were over 70 cards that could remove the opponent's entire field. >.>



So yeah, let me know if I missed any. This is already an insane list, but eh, completeness is completeness.

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#2 Jesse Team XC Head Admin 5529 posts 434.00 XCB

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Posted 07 January 2019 - 06:51 PM

How's this going?

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#3 RiverShock Ancient One XC's Official Setmaker 4563 posts 86.00 XCB

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 02:42 AM

I barely completed Black Rose Dragon and Vendread Daybreak on Sunday, but have been too lazy to update the post, lol. Black Rose Dragon barely counts, it's pretty free, lol. Facing three decks in a row that put up big boards with negates didn't help. (Pendulum Magician, World Chalice and Cyber Dragons.) I tend to have the unlucky habit of facing the one extremely good player that happens to be 0-1 Round 2 or 1-1 Round 3 and such.



Finally getting around to it... Nearly a week later.



1 x Revendread Executor

1 x Vendread Battlelord

3 x Revendread Slayer

1 x Vendread Revenants

1 x Gozuki

3 x Mezuki

1 x Shiranui Spiritmaster

2 x Uni-Zombie

1 x Goblin Zombie

1 x Vendread Striges

3 x Shiranui Solitaire

1 x Vendread Houndhorde

1 x Vendread Core

2 x Vendread Anima


2 x Burial from a Different Dimension

1 x Foolish Burial

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Preparation of Rites

3 x Pre-Preparation of Rites

3 x Revendread Evolution

3 x Revendread Origin

3 x Slash Draw

1 x Vendread Charge


3 x Vendread Daybreak



1 x Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

1 x Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend

1 x Shiranui Shogunsaga

1 x Psy-Framelord Omega

1 x Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing

1 x Black Rose Dragon

1 x Black Rose Moonlight Dragon

1 x Shiranui Samuraisaga

1 x Topologic Trisbaena

1 x Knightmare Unicorn

1 x Knightmare Phoenix

1 x Knightmare Cerberus

2 x Vampire Sucker

1 x Wee Witch's Apprentice




This was... Rough to complete. Vendreads are pretty much entirely incapable of breaking established boards, and I faced three decks in a row that build up big boards with negates.


Round 1: 0-2 to Pendulum Magician. (This was over quick. Both games he OTK'd me, and I put up little resistance. Best I managed was a Houndhorde'd Battlelord, which obviously wasn't enough disruption.)

Round 2: 2-1 to World Chalice. (Game 1 he opened well, and combo'd off, and despite opening a pretty solid hand, I couldn't fully break the board. Game 2, he bricked, and a Scarlight on his weak opening board of Phoenix and Link Spider put me far ahead. Game 3, he went first and, with 6 minutes left, decided to combo off. He didn't come close to completing it in time, and thus lost in time thanks to Venus.)

Round 3: 0-2 to Cyber Dragons. (Wasn't as rough as Round 1, but still, even playing around 1 Infinity takes a lot of resources for this deck, and that puts it at a big disadvantage when Cyber Dragons basically never run out.)

Round 4: 1-1 to Orcust. (Not the best player ever, though he's also not new. One of those guys that knows his deck fairly well, but doesn't react well to anything unexpected. Game 1 I eventually won due to running him out of resources with a Revenants'd Slayer he misplayed a lot around. He had an Orcustrated Attack set since turn 1, but didn't attack with anything to trigger it until he was more or less out of Orcusts. Game 2 he didn't misplay nearly as much, and had control for most of the duel. I started to come back towards the end, but I was at like 2k LP at that point, and lost in time. But during that final turn, thanks to Vampire Sucker giving him a monster so he had more cards than me, I managed to at least go out with Daybreak, lol. Also got Black Rose off at some point in this match, though I can't remember when. Probably not the last time that'll happen this year anyway.)

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#4 RiverShock Ancient One XC's Official Setmaker 4563 posts 86.00 XCB

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Posted Yesterday, 07:32 AM

And... Three more just got ticked off.


3 x Elemental HERO Neos

1 x Elemental HERO Honest Neos

3 x Elemental HERO Prisma

3 x Neo Space Connector

2 x Neo-Spacian Dark Panther

2 x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

2 x Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird

2 x Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin

1 x Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab


1 x Card Destruction

3 x Contact Gate

1 x Contact Out

3 x Convert Contact

1 x A Hero Lives

3 x Miracle Contact

1 x Monster Reborn

2 x Neo Space

2 x O - Oversoul

1 x Reinforcement of the Army

2 x Space Gift

2 x Wrath of Neos


1 x Elemental HERO Magma Neos (the only one of the four I didn't manage to pull off, though it also has the weakest field clear by FAR)

2 x Elemental HERO Nebula Neos

1 x Elemental HERO Storm Neos

2 x Elemental HERO Air Neos

1 x Elemental HERO Aqua Neos

1 x Elemental HERO Dark Neos

1 x Elemental HERO Flare Neos

1 x Elemental HERO Grand Neos

1 x Knightmare Phoenix

2 x Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights

1 x Pentestag

1 x LANphorynchus




2 x Lava Golem

3 x Called by the Grave

3 x Twin Twisters

1 x Wrath of Neos

3 x Red Reboot

2 x Royal Decree



Round 1: Bye

Round 2: 1-2 to Six Samurai (with a Danger engine). Both very much going second decks. I very nearly won game 3. I reset the field with Storm Neos and left both of us more or less topdecking (he had no hand, I had a few mostly useless Spells). Contact Gate got me an Aqua Dolphin and Grand Mole after he topdecked a dead card. The catch was, I was at 800 LP at that point. I Summoned the Aqua Dolphin in attack position. He topdecked Shinai and beat over Aqua Dolphin for game. If I had Summoned it in defence, I'd have probably won this game (and thus the match).

Round 3: 0-2 to Masked HERO. He opened Naturia Beast and Dark Law with an Honest Neos search off Isolde both games. Nothing I could do. (Though I NEARLY survived long enough game 2 to out both of them with Grand Mole. Unfortunately, he had both a HERO and a Monster Reborn, so he had just enough ATK to game me.)

Round 4: 2-1 to Trickstar Blue-Eyes. Man, this was a fun match. Game 1 I lost due to him Trickstar Reincarnationing a fairly good (though monster-heavy) hand into a completely dead one... But Games 2 and 3 were both incredibly close. Game 2, I got off Storm Neos, Nebula Neos AND Wrath of Neos' field clearing effects. Also copied an Alternative to pop the Alternative with Dark Panther at one point, which was neat. We both came down to topdecking multiple times. I ended up needing to topdeck a Neos or equivalent in the last turn or I lost. (He'd banished 2 at this point, with Called by the Grave and Reincarnation.) I had about a 50% chance (Neos, Connector and 2 Prisma in about 8 cards). Topdecked Connector, Summoned Neos, went into Flare Neos for the last 1400 damage I needed. (He'd traded me that Flare Neos a while back, so I went for that rather than anything else, though all he had was an Honest, so anything would have worked.) Game 3 I went first with just a Prisma ditching Neos. He got out a field of Manju, Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon and Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon and dropped me to 600 LP. I draw, play A Hero Lives into Prisma. He uses Called by the Grave, banishing Prisma. Thankfully, the send's a cost, so I still got to send an Air Hummingbird with Prisma, then Miracle Contact'd Air Neos and attacked over his Manju for game. (Thankfully he didn't have an Honest. I had no choice but to risk it, though, since he'd have lived if I attacked over Chaos Dragon.)




Don't worry, you'll be seeing this deck again eventually. (Though it will probably be a fair bit different.)



Oh, and look forward to Sunday's post. If all goes according to plan, I should pull off something pretty unexpected.

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