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Alternate Universe Yugioh

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Posted 26 May 2018 - 01:14 AM

I replayed duelist of the roses last month and it got me thinking. What would yugioh look like if it restarted?  How could the game be redesigned in such a way that normal level 1 and 2 monsters could matter and even be playable?  What would the game look like without Konami generated archetypes? I have spent the last few weeks thinking about these questions.  Here, I am laying out some of my basic design goals for this set of cards.


Attributes take the role of Archetypes.  In general, you will benefit from playing only 1 or 2 attributes in your deck.  Each attribute has access to certain monster types. Each attribute has core skills that it can and cannot do.  Spells and Traps are costed in such a way that they are not generic and interact is some way with monster attributes.  The things attributes are good at draw inspiration from real yugioh, duel masters, magic the gathering, and hearthstone.


At its best yugioh is considered fun for its complex resource management and interactive battle phases.  I find it more fun to slowly whittle down an opponent’s resources rather than pull off a crazy combo to win outright.  This version of the game is designed for 10-15 turn games with lots of interesting things happening in the battle phase.


There will be no generic spells/traps, or if there are they will be the weakest versions of an effect.  Costs are structured in such a way that they require monsters of a certain attribute to work. The more higher the cost, the more powerful the effect. The following list gives examples of costs from low cost to high cost.


Power level low:


Reveal a monster in hand of attribute  X

Have a monster of attribute X in graveyard

Banish a monster of attribute X from the graveyard

Control a monster of attribute X

Attack with monster of attribute X

Discard a monster of attribute X

Return a monster of attribute X to hand from field

Tribute a monster of attribute X

Banish a monster you control X


Example of change in power level:


Inner Fire

Normal Spell

Reveal a Fire Monster in your hand and Target 1 Monster: Target Monster gains 500 Atk this turn.


Rise from the Ashes

Normal Spell

Banish a Fire Monster in your Graveyard and Target 1 monster: Target Monster gains ATK equal to the original ATK of the banished monster.


Fire in the Hole

Normal Spell

Discard 1 Fire Monster and Target 1 Monster:  Destroy that target if its current ATK is less than the original ATK of the discarded monster.


Final Flame

Normal Spell

Tribute a FIRE Monster: Destroy all monsters with less DEF than the ATK of the tributed monster.


Raging Eruption

Normal Spell


Banish 1 FIRE monster: Destroy all monsters with 3000 ATK or less.


As in real Yugioh, deck building will try include cards whoses costs set up benefits in the form of other card interactions.  Certain attributes will benefit from certain costs or have certain costs on their cards more often.


Power Level:


I want those trash monsters from Legend of Blue Eyes to shine.  I want the average ATK score of normal summoned monsters to be around 700.  Some attributes will normal summon less and some more. Tribute monsters range 1300 - 1800 for 1 tribute and 1700 - 2200 for 2 tribute. Ritual and Fusion monsters will be in the 2 tribute Range.  I want games to last for several battle phases and give players time to mount comebacks. I also want battle phases to be very interactive. There should be lots of open ended battle phase tricks to promote interesting exchanges of cards in the battle phase.  So blowout cards like Dark Hole and Mirror Wall are out. Cards should be like the first half of enemy controller, Wall of Disruption, Sphere Kuriboh, and Reinforcements. These cards have counterplay and reward a player who makes goodreads.


Attribute philosophies:

Fire: Has Pyro, beast, and machines.  Can gain lots of attack with the help of strong normal spells. Has little battle phase trickery, instead has most powerful normal spells for their costs. Powers up in main phase, the charges in headlong.  Can deal direct damage, and can destroy enemy monsters depending on their atk/def. Can gain benefits and rewards from destroying a monster in battle. Can gain special effects on attack declaration.


Dark:   Has insects, fiends, and zombies. Fiends are the masterminds that use the mindless insects and zombies to do their bidding. Dark monsters can hide in the shadows avoiding enemy effects. Dark monsters can leech the life out of other monsters.  Dark monsters are sneaky and have the most powerful traps for their costs. Can destroy any monster outright at a cost. Fiends can sacrifice other monsters to empower their effects. Dark is good a generating tribute fodder to summon powerful fiends. Dark can banish the dead from graveyards for special effects.


Light:  Has Warrior, Beast Warrior, Fariy, and Dragon.  Great a working together, and has tools for putting multiple monsters on the board.  Most light monsters give some benefit to your other monsters on their summon. Light can summon powerful fairies and dragons if the warriors and beast warriors meet the right conditions.  Light struggles to interact with or hurt the enemy. It focuses on making itself so strong the enemy cannot overcome. Light has the best continuous and equip spells for their costs, granting long lasting increases in power to its own monsters.


Water:  Has Fish, Aqua, Sea Serpent, and Rock.  Water flows around and through the enemy disrupting their plans.  Water monsters work together form powerful fusion monsters, and has many resources to gather fusion materials.  Using the tidal forces, water can shift the battle positions of the enemy. Water is reactive, adapting to the situation at hand, allowing them access to the most powerful Counter Traps for their cost.  Water also has good defence scores, allowing it to set monsters, and gaining from good flip effects, representing deep sea creatures coming to the surface. The battle position effects can interact with these abilities as well.


Earth: Has Reptiles, Plants, Wyrms, and Dinosaurs.  Earth monsters are monstrous creatures. Most are simple to normal summon and will dominate the board when doing so.  Earth monsters are generally solitary and do not play well with others. Their thick hides protect them from enemy magic. Plants grant life to other types, provide healing to the player, and can draw power from cards in the graveyard.  Earth monsters sometimes come back from the graveyard even more powerful than before. Earth is the domain of ever growing land, and has the most powerful field spells for their costs. Expect things beyond simple attack/def boosts. In Earth has big dumb monsters with poor magic control, meaning Earth in general has the weakest spell and traps otherwise.  


Wind:  Has Winged Beasts, Spellcasters, Thunders, and Psychics.  The Wind monsters live in remote mountains practicing secret and advance magical arts.  They are masters of the quick play spells cards and can conduct ancient rituals to summon ancient powerful thunder elemental creatures.  What these monsters lack in ATK/DEF, they make up for in evasive effects. Wind can banish itself to escape enemy effects for the turn. Wind can negate attacks. Wind has such master of magic, that it can even destroy other attributes spells/traps before they change the game. Flying Wind monsters can attack your opponent directly while spells/trap protect it from retaliation.


Battle phase strengths:


Each attribute has its own ways to get ahead in the battle phase:


Light: Equip boosts to monsters, boosts to other monsters from monster effects.  Light monsters work well together and power each other up. Any boost should continue to exist as long the conditions are met.


Dark: Reducing enemy atk, Dark can never boost own monsters more than what is stolen.   Dark has no real strength of it’s own, it must steal from others. Has many unpredictable traps that can work in the battle phase.


Water: Changing battle positions.  Water flows with the tides and adjusts the enemies positions to make the best use of battle.


Earth: Has monsters with naturally big ATK/DEF, earth always has the highest ATK/DEF for its level.  Often monsters can’t be destroyed in battle once per turn, allowing it to power through battle phase s/t.  Others can pay a cost to be unaffected by s/t.


Wind: weakest at attacking, tries to circumvent enemy monsters, direct attacks, negate attacks.  Wing has the power of flight and lives in remote locations that other attributes have trouble getting to.  Can use magic to exchange atk/def values.


Fire: Temporary Attack Boosts during battle phase.  Fire is all about flaring up into huge monsters for just one turn, then paying the consequences next turn.


How do they draw cards?


Light: Can draw as a monster ability during the standby phase (i.e. surviving on the field)


Dark: Can do it after sacrificing a card on the field


Water: Can draw with the discard of a card in hand.


Earth: Can draw when you control a powerful monster.  


Wind: Can draw as a reward for a direct attack.


Fire:  Can draw as a reward for destroying something in battle


What is each Attributes Specialty S/T?


Fire: Normal Spells, Cont. Spells


Water: Counter Traps, Fusion Spells


Dark: Normal Traps, Cont. Traps


Lights: Equip spells


Earth: Field Spells


Wind: Ritual Spells, Quick Play Spells


How does each Attribute get a Big monster?


Fire: Power up a normal summon with a spell, 1 tributes


Water: Fusion Summon


Dark: Tribute Summon


Lights: Semi - Nomi Monsters


Earth: Normal Summon a big monster


Wind: Ritual Summon


Cards to draw inspiration from:


Fire: limiter removal(although maybe a little too powerful), Blustering Wind, Backup Rider


Water: Windstorm of Etaqua, Counter Fairies, Man Eater Bug


Dark: mirror wall, Wall of disruption,  steel swarm archetype, Fires of Doomsday


Light: united we stand, Freya Spirit of Victory


Wind: Sonic bird, Negate attack, Toon archetype,  Wind up rabbit, Skystarray


Earth: Obelisk the tormentor, Hazy flame monsters, Elemental Hero WildHeart

Over the next few days I will start posting some cards I’ve been toying around with.  Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the identities of the attributes as I’ve laid them out.  If something feels off let me know. I want to work shop this into about 30-40 cards for each attribute allowing two deck types per attribute and the potential for mix attribute decks in the future.  Then hopefully we could playtest some too.

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