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Updatingolder Kuriboh deck, abut been gone a while

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 03:16 PM

Ok, first off, I've been out of the gaming scene for the most part for several years. I know a few of the changes that have occurred, as I would by a pack or two here and there, but haven't played in a long time (stopped mid Synchro-era). I usually play for fun, not highly competitively (though I have placed well in several touneys locally at my height). One of my last (and favorite) decks was a Kuriboh Thief deck. I would like a little help in tweaking it, if possible.



3  Kuriboh

3  Winged Kuriboh

3  Destiny Hero - Plasma

3  Relinquished

3  Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

1  Spirit Reaper

1  Marshmallon

1  Dandylion

1  Plaguespreader Zombie

1  Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind





1  Mystical Space Typhoon

3  The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh

2  Multiply

1  Detonate

1  Scapegoat

1  Swords of Revealing Light

3  Black Illusion Ritual

1  Allure of Darkness

2  The Grave of Enkindling

1  Book of Moon

3  Book of Eclipse





1  Call of the Haunted

1  Mirror Force

1  Magic Cylinder






(Can't quite remember, been a while and I have quite a few Synchros)



The basis of the deck is pretty straight forward - the summoning of Plasma and Relinquished to steal my opponent's monsters (and, in the process, negate their field activated effects), while at the same time controlling the field and LP loss with Kuriboh / Winged Kuriboh, and the Books to stop their attacks or flip monsters to reset my absorbtion effects on Plasma and Relinquished. Those two cards are the base of the deck, along with The Grave of Enkindling (to res the Kuribohs then Detonate or Multiply or whatnot as needed).


I can't really see the new Pendullums in this dack, as most of the monsters are either 1*, are special summon, or require being normal summoned for their effects. I am looking into possibly rearranging things so that I could incorporate Thousand-Eyes Restrict, now that it is not banned, and am willing to drop the Tuners as needed, as getting much out with the low number of stars available was rare. That would give yet another thief monster for the deck that doesn't actually go into the deck, per se, and with the thinned extra deck, it should be fairly simple. I noticed that BLS-EoB is no longer banned, so that is a possibility, along with Chaos Sorcerer.


I have as full play-set of each of the Kuri- monsters, as well as the aforementioned BLS, TER, and CS. I also have a large collection up to the beginnings of XYZ, and some since from various sets. I can get a hold of most other cards (provided they aren't that expensive) with little to no trouble, so most suggestions will be no problem.


Thanks in advance.


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