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"Fresh Start" 2.0

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Posted 22 January 2017 - 01:06 PM

So, this is in the same vein as something I did before. That one is dead now (not too surprising since I last touched it over a year ago). I mostly got bored with it, probably owing to that random card lot I bought (not doing that again). I decided to start this up again because there's a guy going to my Pokemon locals that recently started Yu-Gi-Oh! again, giving me someone to actually use this deck against on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, that locals doesn't have a massive selection of YGO packs, but eh. I'll occasionally buy them from my YGO locals instead. (I'm not going to mark which I got them from, though if it was bought on a Saturday, it was my Pokemon locals, Thursday or Sunday it's my YGO one.) As you can tell from the dates of the packs I bought, I started this a while ago. I avoided posting it until now mostly because the deck hadn't changed much from the base Yugi structure (it still hasn't, but eh). I doubt anyone cares either way, my last one wasn't exactly all that popular. ;p This thread is realistically more for my own purposes than anything (though I guess this isn't any easier than the text file I was using before), but any traffic here has to help, right? :P
Current Deck:
Cash Pile: $0.50
Full Cardpool:
Previous Purchases:
Most Recent Purchase: Destiny Soldiers x 3
1 x Destiny HERO - Dark Angel (Secret)
1 x Destiny HERO - Decider (Secret)
1 x Destiny HERO - Dystopia (Secret)
1 x Darklord Edeh Arae
1 x Darklord Superbia
1 x Darklord Zerato
1 x Destiny HERO - Dogma
1 x Doomsday Horror
1 x Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony
1 x Dark Hole
1 x Over Destiny
1 x Veil of Darkness
1 x Abyss Actors Back Stage
1 x Destiny Signal
1 x Escape from the Dark Dimension

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