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Getting Back in the Game

Help me x..x

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#1 MidnightDaybreak Ancient One SSJ4 Poster 2067 posts 3.00 XCB

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Posted 27 July 2015 - 12:59 PM

I've been out of the game for about the last 3 years. I stopped playing for several reasons right around the time Xyy Monsters were introduced. No, their introduction wasn't one of the reasons, that's just a coincidence. My point, though, is that during the time I've been out of the scene, Xyz Monsters seem to have taken over the spot that was once dominated by Synchro Monsters. That, on top of the ever-changing gamescape and new Forbidden Lists, has left me completely lost now that I want to get back in. I don't even own a single Xyz Monster.


So I figured the best thing to do was to get some advice on how I can bring my deck up to speed with the current state of the game. Once it's functional, I can pick up the rest that I've missed out on in the last three years.


Here's my deck as it was around the time I fell out. I'll post it, then explanations of why those cards were in there so anyone that's more knowledgeable of the present game can tell me whether or not they're still viable reasons. I really liked this deck when I ran it, so I would prefer no one tell me anything like "It's total garbage" or "Scrap it completely and start from scratch". I understand that things have changed and that I'm, more than likely, looking at a major overhaul, but I'd like to preserve the core heart and soul of the deck as much as possible.


Monsters (20):

Dark Armed Dragon

Caius the Shadow Monarch

Caius the Shadow Monarch

Caius the Shadow Monarch

Dark Necrofear

Dark Necrofear

Bazoo the Soul Eater

Mystic Tomato

Mystic Tomato

Mystic Tomato

Dark Resonator

Dark Resonator



Giant Germ

Giant Germ

Giant Germ

Holding Legs

Plaguespreader Zombie

Spirit Reaper


Magic (13):

Allure of Darkness

Allure of Darkness

Burial from the Different Dimension

Creature Swap

D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation

Dark Hole

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller

Gold Sarcophagus

Instant Fusion

Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon



Traps (8):

Bottomless Trap Hole

Call of the Haunted

Crush Card Virus

Escape from the Different Dimension

Escape from the Different Dimension

Mirror Force

Solemn Warning

Torrential Tribute


Extra Deck (15):

Red Dragon Archfiend

Goyo Guardian

Thought Ruler Archfiend

Dark End Dragon

Chaos King Archfiend

Mist Wurm

Stardust Dragon

Black Rose Dragon

Black Rose Dragon

Magical Android

Stygian Sergeants

Armory Arm

Reaper on the Nightmare

Darkfire Dragon

Flame Ghost


Side Deck (15):

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Dark Ruler Hades


Destiny Hero - Plasma

Trap Eater

Trap Eater


Book of Moon

Lightning Vortex

Mind Control

Mystical Space Typhoon


Call of the Haunted

Dimensional Prison

Dimensional Prison


So, how bad is it? Are Synchro Monsters even viable anymore? I know I see a few in decks here or there, but it seems like the Extra Deck is usually Xyz dominant these days. I'm gonna have to totally rebuild that, aren't I?


Deck Breakdown:

It's basically a DARK Fiend-type deck. It's heavily focused on using effects that activate when cards are destroyed. My weak monsters are all played defensively, and are generally allowed to be destroyed in order to trigger their effects while I wait for a chance to drop Caius, Jinzo, or DAD, or pull out a Synchro Monster. Dark Necrofear is my favorite (legal) card, so she's the main reason behind this deck. She also fits all three themes (DARK, Fiend, has an effect that activates when destroyed).


I really liked the style of playing I used with this deck. It was a lot of fun watching my opponents question whether or not destroying my set Monsters would make their situation better or worse. Were they breaking through my defenses when they attacked, or were they doing exactly what I wanted by loading up my Graveyard with DAD/Necrofear fodder? It slowed the pace of Duels down a little. Their doubt, coupled with things like Sangan, Gold Sarcophagus, Mystic Tomato, Card Destruction, and Allure of Darkness, gave me a lot of control over the Duel and really allowed me to do whatever I want. Then later game, once I have all my fodder in place, I could usually swarm 2-4 Level 6+ monsters in a turn, between Necrofear, DAD, Synchroing, and revival, and sweep. This is the heart and soul of the deck I'd like to preserve.


Having said that, I know that speed has always been a big part of the game. Who can drop their heavy-hitters first, and I'm guessing that's what Xyz Monsters do, the way Synchro Monsters used to, only faster because their summoning conditions are a little more lax. Being able to turn (almost) any random set of same-level monsters into Xyz Material seems slightly easier than gather a Tuner + the other monster(s) with the right level. I now that this slower pace might not be viable anymore. I also know that my monsters' levels are kinda spread out (One Level 7, two Level 8, four Level 6, five Level 4, four Level 3, and four Level 2). It worked out pretty well for Synchro Summoning, but if Synchros are outclassed by Xyz's, then I'll probably need to change this spread up, huh?


So, while I'd like to stick with this theme of letting my weak monsters be cannon fodder while stalling for my big guys, if this style is too slow to survive in the current game, I'm willing to change it up. Would something more Aggro be more effective? I'm willing to make the switch to DARK/Fiend Aggro if needed. So long as I can still run Necrofear, I'll happy.


Now that I've stumbled my way through the deck itself, here's a (hopefully) quick rundown of every card's role(s) in the deck.


Dark Armed Dragon - The powerhouse of the deck. Pretty easy to drop once some of my weak fodder had been killed. Gives me some nice destructive power, both with its effect and through attacking.

Caius the Shadow Monarch - Gives me awesome removal power, and potential burn. Also makes great Necro-fodder, since he can be brought back via Escape.

Dark Necrofear - The main card of the deck, and my favorite to use. Her attack can leave something to be desired, but then anything strong enough to kill her would just get taken by her effect. Sometimes ends up as a dead draw if I don't have enough fodder in place, but I can usually compensate. Removing stuff also helped out late game with summoning DAD.

Bazoo the Soul Eater - Used mainly for Graveyard control to help with summoning DAD, but also can be used as a heavy-hitter, or set up to bring something back via D.D.R. or Escape.

Mystic Tomato - Searching and maintaining field presence.

Dark Resonator - Stalling, as well as the obvious reasons of being a Tuner. Searchable via Tomato. Makes great Necrofodder, since it can be brought back from RFG fairly easily and Synchro'd again.

Newdoria - Used to keep my opponent from building up their forces too much. Searchable via Tomato, and usable as Necrofodder.

Giant Germ - Probably my favorite opening move. Gives me quick access to Tribute/Necrofodder. A nice follow-up to Tomato if I need a drawn out line of defense. The little bit of burn is a nice touch too.

Holding Legs - Happen to pull this from a Millennium Pack and decided to give it a shot; thought maybe the Giant Trunade effect would come in handy.

Plaguespreader Zombie - My other Tuner. It's effect can let me turn itself and a single Germ, Sangan, or Newdoria into a Level 6-8 Synchro monster in one turn. Can also be brought back via its own effect for stalling/Tributing purposes. Revivable via Escape too.

Spirit Reaper - Stalling. Or, if I felt like being an asshole, knocking a card or too out of my opponent's hand.


Allure of Darkness - Draw power. Can also be combined with Esacpe to quickly drop Caius.

Burial from the Different Dimension - Helps reload the Graveyard after dropping Necrofear(s) to get out DAD, or vice versa.

Creature Swap - Very useful with my fodder monsters. Switch them Germ, Newdoria, or Tomato, kill it off with their monster, then reap the rewards of that monster's destruction.

D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation - The deck does a lot of removing, so this helps bring stuff back. The required discard can help sometimes by giving that last needed piece of DAD/Necrofodder, but could also turn it into a dead draw.

Dark Hole - Destroy everything!

Enemy Controller - Mainly used for defensive purposes. Occasionally it's second effect can be used to send some needed fodder to the Grave while taking one of my opponent's monsters for a bit.

Gold Sarcophagus - Lets me search for anything I need. Makes for a nice combo with  D.D.R. or Escape for a quick Cauis/Synchro-fodder.

Instant Fusion - Gives me quick access to Synchro/Tribute fodder.

Mystical Space Typhoon - Obvious destruction reasons.

Raigeki - Zap you all! o0o


Bottomless Trap Hole - Field control. Still worth running at 1?

Call of the Haunted - Obvious revival reasons.

Crush Card Virus - I've always loved this card, and was super excited to see it come off the list - until I found out the effect had been watered down .___. I still like it though, and there are plenty of things in my deck I can sac to activate it, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Escape from the Different Dimension - Obvious RFG revival reasons. 

Mirror Force - My favorite Trap, always fun to use when my opponent has a full field. I know it's not the force of fear it once was, so is it still worth using? I also know it's Unlimited now, so should I add more? X3

Solemn Warning - God Says No! Added to replace Solemn Judgment 

Torrential Tribute - Destroy everything! Should I main this?


Synchro Monsters - The choices there should be pretty obvious. I went with mostly DARK so even if they got destroyed they could still be DAD effect fodder, which would allow them to later be Escape/DDR candidates. Need to know which (if any) are worth keeping around.

Fusion Monsters - There solely to be used with Instant Fusion to become Tribute/Synchro fodder. Made sure to make them all DARK so they could at least double as DAD fodder.


Gorz the Emissary of Darkness - Used to switch out with DAD if I got hammered first game of the match. Good Necrofodder and RFG revival candidate.

Dark Ruler Hades - If I wanted to go a more Fiendish route, particularly if my opponent was running stuff similar to mine (Sangan, Tomato, etc). The decks RFG revival even made it possible to play him more than once.

Jinzo - Mainly used as a tech card to shut down Traps, particularly if I'm going for a sweep.

Destiny Hero - Plasma - Leftover from the original version of the deck, which focused on using tons of Tokens. Not so attached to it anymore.

Trap Eater - Alternate Tuner option capable of Trap removal. Could also be used as Tribute/Necrofodder.

Tragoedia - Similar to Gorz.

Book of Moon - Defensive tech.

Lightning Vortex - Destroy most things!

Mind Control - Could be used to steal a useful Effect monster, or just to get some Synchro Material.

Mystical Space Typhoon - Obvious destruction reason. 

Scapegoat - Also leftover from the original build, which was more Token focused. Still made for good defense, as well as potential Synchro Material.

Call of the Haunted - Obvious revival reasons. Should I add to main deck to make up for the loss of Reborn?

Dimensional Prison - Defensive tech.


So there you have it. This deck was my pride and joy, and if I'm gonna get back into the game then I'd like to bring this back with me. Since I've been out of it for so long, I'll welcome and consider any advice anyone is willing to give. Thanks a lot guys!

Edited by Kuinra Shisa, 10 June 2016 - 11:07 PM.

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#2 Gerdat14 Oldies Some Dude 2688 posts 159.00 XCB

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 02:23 PM

Nice to see someone posting in the depot. As for the deck itself, it needs a look at the current banlist, since Sangan and Monster Reborn are now banned, and BTH is at 1. Heavy Storm is also banned currently, but a quick look at the banlist should give you what you need to make this legal, like an extra dark hole and a Raigeki. I don't think you'll fare very well against the current meta, but for what your trying to do, you should be able to do it well. You might even score a few wins against Nekroz with a few smart plays and some steals with Necrofear. And even though everyone else hates it, I would move Vortex to main over the side.


Speaking of the side deck, love the Trap Eaters personally, but you're not gonna see them be useful against much now. The only decks i know that are running continuous traps at all right now are Qlis, Stellers, and maybe Shadolls if they are still running construct. Ha Des is great in theory, since he can negate stuff like Dante and the various leftover BAs, but his -50 attack makes him vulnerable to a lot right now. If you can consistantly bring out Plasma, consider going with him. Field based negation of monster effects is always good right now.


I'm a complete idiot and neophyte, so take any advice I give with a grain of salt. But, for what you want your deck to do, it should work, just not win right now. 

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#3 warrain Ancient One The Force is here 2446 posts 157.00 XCB

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Posted 31 July 2015 - 02:00 AM

Yep. He said a lot there that's truly the first steps. Check the list and update your deck to that first.

However, atleast from my experience, the thing you need to watch out for is pendulum monsters. They are way more of a problem in the decks that work with them than xyz or synchro. But they bring them out faster. It's tricky to look at in that manner because one of my favorite decks is my immortal mound of the bound creator deck which can't use the extra deck at all...

I would say either go with more synchros and add a few more turners, or look for some pendulum monsters you can add to this them... Of which I'm not sure cause I don't have that many myself.
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#4 storyteller Oldies When a story comes to an end... 3365 posts 339.00 XCB

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Posted 31 July 2015 - 02:57 AM

Burning Abyss.

A bunch of small dark fiends that do stuff when they die.

A lot of stuff.

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#5 MidnightDaybreak Ancient One SSJ4 Poster 2067 posts 3.00 XCB

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Posted 10 June 2016 - 11:25 PM

Hey everyone, sorry for not responding sooner. I thought I'd be able to afford throwing money away at this game again sooner but, well... life n..n;;


Anyway, I figured I'd at least take the first step to getting this deck back on track by making it compatible with the current list. Here are the changes I've made so far.


Main Deck:

-Jinzo (To Side Deck)

-Card Destruction
-Heavy Storm
-Monster Reborn
-Bottomless Trap Hole
-Return from the Different Dimension
-Solemn Judgment
+Mystic Tomato
+Holding Legs
+Allure of Darkness
+Crush Card Virus
+Escape from the Dark Dimension
+Solemn Warning
+Torrential Tribute
Extra Deck
-Iron Chain Dragon
+Goyo Guardian
Side Deck
-Torrential Tribute (To Main Deck)
So there's that. Now, for what you all said:
@Gerdat14 - So you don't think this deck is even worth using nowadays? That's disheartening. I guess I'll have to try it out for myself.
  • I like Lightning Vortex and all, but with Raigeki back, why both running a watered down version? I'll keep it sided for now, I think.
  • If Trap Eater's not much use now then I guess I should drop them. Any ideas what I could replace them with?
  • I really love the idea of bringing Plasma back into the mix, get this deck back to its roots, but I'm not sure how I'd pull that off exactly. Maybe main it and Scapegoat (since they can be Tributed for it) and drop one of the Caius's and something else. I'll ponder on that.
@warrain - Are Pendulums really that scary? O_O;;
  • My Extra Deck is maxed already, so I wouldn't be able to add more unless I drop the Instant Fusion engine. Would that be worth it you think? 


@storyteller I researched the Burning Abyss monsters. They look fun, and I'd definitely like to try them out though. However, they seem better suited to a deck built on themselves, so that doesn't really help much with this deck.




Thank you all for taking the time to share your opinions. I'll consider input what might be useful and try to apply it to my deck as I go forward n..n

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#6 warrain Ancient One The Force is here 2446 posts 157.00 XCB

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Posted 11 June 2016 - 03:58 AM

Wow has it really been almost a year? Ok well pendulum monsters are now just as common as Xyz and synchro monsters so yeah.

Not sure what to help you with card wise though.
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#7 scyero dragatagious Members Just Starting 1 posts 0.00 XCB

scyero dragatagious

Posted 05 November 2016 - 09:53 AM

I am getting back into this dueling after a few years may I ask if anyone would be up for a few duels on the virtual desktop  cos I am trying to see if I still have the old moves I used to my ip address is <removed>

I am up for anyone willing to help me get in dueling shape ok no mater if ur pro or not

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#8 warrain Ancient One The Force is here 2446 posts 157.00 XCB

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 12:34 PM

Ok. .. 1 yvd is severely outdated. 2, DON'T PUT YOUR IP ADDRESS IN THE FORUM. Do you want to get hacked? Cause that's how you get hacked. ....
Also you didn't win the lottery that you didn't enter. The African prince does not want to give you money if you give him money first. And don't buy those boner pills online, they'll make them fall off.
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#9 MidnightDaybreak Ancient One SSJ4 Poster 2067 posts 3.00 XCB

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Posted 16 November 2016 - 08:51 AM

This can just go ahead and be locked; I'm not running it anymore. I'm all about the Archfiends now X3

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