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Major League Pokemon Presents: World Cup 2

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#1 Harpuia Ancient One Justitia fortitudo mea est. 2480 posts 65.00 XCB

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Posted 25 February 2015 - 01:30 PM

World Cup 2
The World Cup is an annual tournament held by the intercommunity Major League Pokemon. Major League Pokemon is a community of pokemon regions (currently consisting of the Zircon, Nebula, Priority and TheBattleFrontier regions) dedicated to bringing the best and most accessible Pokemon battling tournaments online and allow the most fun for players of all skill levels from the casual player to the experts. The World Cup is a month-long event that helps determine the Major League Pokemon champion. In this specific event, the first ever interleague champion will be crowned.


Requirements to Register
In order to register you need the following:
- A copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby OR Pokemon Alpha Sapphire with a Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, new 3DS or new 3DS XL.
- A copy of Pokemon Showdown on your PC (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be able to have spectator matches)
- An account on the Major League Pokemon website (http://mlpkmn.maverixtech.com, currently under beta)
- Obtained at least FOUR badges in your Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire game.

To register (registration begins March 6) we need the following from you:
- Your name
- Your friend code
- What country you are from
- What timezone you are in
- Your Pokemon Showdown username
- A roster of 10 pokemon that you will use in all battles plus an additional 2 pokemon that will be allowed for doubles only


The tournament will be run under Smogon OU rules for Singles and Smogon Doubles rules for Doubles.


The tournament will be run in three phases.


THE DRAW (June 3)
Here the pairings will be placed up on the night of June 3. Official rosters for all trainers will not be shown until the end of the first match for everyone in the tournament.


Players will be placed into groups of 4. Everyone plays everyone in their group once. In the first round, only a number of players will be eliminated until we reach the highest power of 2. (Example: With 48 participants, we will find a way to get to 32 in this round.) Anyone eliminated would move on to a double-elimination consolation tournament.  Any ties that need to be broken amongst 3rd or 4th place players in different groups (if the tiebreaker by # of pokemon left standing or # of pokemon lost by are out) will be a head-to-head battle.


PHASE 2 - GROUP PHASE (June 12-26)
From the second round, the top two of each group will advance to the next round. We will continue this with subsequent rounds until there are only 16 participants left. This may mean only one round in this phase, maybe two, maybe three if there are that many. Players eliminated would move on to a double-elimination consolation tournament.


PHASE 3 - KNOCKOUT PHASE (June 26-July 3)
This is a four-round single elimination phase. The round of 16 will be 1 match. The quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will be best of 3. IF we do get 64 or more players, the round of 16 will also be best of 3. The last person standing becomes the Major League Pokemon Champion.


Everyone participating gets: 6IV battle-ready Scizor w/ Technician Ability to be distributed two nights before the tournament begins.


Winners of consolation tournaments (and a few runner ups) as well as the top 6 of the championship tournament will receive: 6IV battle-ready Shiny Mew.


Top 3 of the championship tournaments will receive: 6IV battle-ready Victini "trophy"


Champion of the tournament will receive, on top of being our first MLPKMN interleague champion, a 6IV Battle-Ready Shiny Cresselia with double-screens.



https://www.facebook...788311084556549 - The Event

http://www.facebook....orleaguepokemon - The group on Facebook

http://mlpkmn.maverixtech.com - The site, currently under limited alpha testing so lots of bugs.

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#2 Rothon Oldies The Key To Truth 2252 posts 44.00 XCB

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Posted 02 March 2015 - 01:30 AM

will this be conducted with showdown or the 3ds games?

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#3 Harpuia Ancient One Justitia fortitudo mea est. 2480 posts 65.00 XCB

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Posted 04 March 2015 - 08:55 AM

The majority of this will be the 3ds games, but if the two sides agree on using Showdown, I wouldn't mind.


UPDATE: Added all prizes.

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