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Posted 19 December 2014 - 12:00 AM

So, I've been writing a bit. Thing is, I do have a lot of stories I want to tell. I may use some of them in games I make (in fact, I kinda already did in one game). This one... I think it would work better as a written story.

So, here we go guys. Rip it a new one. :)






The 1st - Colors



I remember that there was a lot of silence.
A shadow opens a door, and the bright day light blinds me. Then, a small blue light surrounds me, and I can hear the door being closed. The clock ticks, and even the smallest noise echoes through my head in this silent, dark room.
Time has passed, and I can barely remember why I'm trapped in this room. I try to focus, but the clock ticks fast. My head hurts. My body hurts. And the bright day light blinds me once again.
The shadow sits in a small chair, writes something, touches me, then goes away. The lights go out, but the clock never stops ticking. I can't move and, at this moment, it's so dark and silent I don't even know if I'm alive anymore. I always try to scream, but I never manage to. My mouth just doesn't moves. This happened a lot of times before. I couldn't think straight. I was scared.
But then the shadow opens the door once again, and the bright day light blinds me. This happened countless times already, and each time, it seems that the clock starts ticking faster.
But I'm not scared anymore. The clock always goes faster, and after some time, it finally turned into a indistinct blur in my mind.
I just wanted to remember why I'm here... maybe today.
I remember the colors. It's so quiet and dark here that I can't see them anymore. But I saw them all the time.
I remember now. I remember that I always asked if mom and dad could see the colors, but they would just laugh. I remember that the colors for mom and dad were always the same, but they always got darker and darker. I remember that, right before dad started screaming to mom and hitting her, the colors would dance along with dad's movements. I remember that, right before the loud bang, mom's colors shined brightly and danced wildly across the room. And dad's color faded to black.
The colors told me things. Things that still haven't happened. Mom was all alone now, and she seemed so angry, so I never talked with her about the bright colors. Except when hers started fading as well.
I tried to warn her... I think that's why I'm here. I remember telling her... she got mad... Why she got mad? I... I was scared. Maybe I said something I shouldn't? But... she needed to know. And I... I...
"Mommy... you'll die soon".
I didn't even noticed: The shadow opened the door, and the bright light illuminated the room. But it was so fast, it didn't seem to matter. Everything also seems so blurry, the dark shadow seems to blend in the blue light, then leaves. And so, quickly, time passes.
The door opens, closes, the shadow sits, then goes away. Everything goes dark, then the bright day light illuminates the room once again. And again. And again.
While the clock ticks fast. Faster. Much faster.
I can't seem to remember how many times this happened.
But, after so many times, the shadow never appears again.
The blue light starts flickering, then disappears.
The bright day light goes dark.
The clock stops ticking.
Everything just stops.
Dark and silent.
"So, Doctor Brooks. Let's talk now about this, uh, Embryo..."
"Embryonic Viral Auto-Replenisher. Just call it EVA for short."
"Yeah, this. People are calling it the next miracle in transgenics! You claim that this EVA thing can completely annihilate death from the lifecycle of a plant?"
"That's not how EVA works, Jerry. EVA just manages to regenerate dead tissue and protect its plant host from decay over time, increasing the lifespan of plants and its products by up to 20 times." 
"Regenerating dead tissue...? Doctor, haven't you watched any movies recently?"
"Uh... what?"
"Hah, it's a joke, doctor! Lighten up! So, from what I've heard, you're planning to revolutionize agriculture and, hell, everything we know about life. What's the next step, doctor? Put it up on people? Give them immortality?"
"Trust me, if I found the secret of immortality, I wouldn't be selling EVA for some farmers."
"Hahah, true. Yeah, that doesn't sounds very clever! Thanks for joining us in our interview today, Doctor Brooks, and goodnight people!"

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