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Am I Insane?


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#1 RiverShock Ancient One XC's Official Setmaker 4590 posts 86.00 XCB

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Posted 13 January 2015 - 08:44 AM

And... Done. Well, I'll need to breed a better Blaziken eventually (this one only has Blaze, I was too lazy to go for Speed Boost at the time, it was one of the first I did, before my crusade), and should probably bother getting a Justified Gallade instead of Steadfast, but more or less done.








Hate how webcams mirror stuff. (I flipped the images, though there is pretty obvious evidence of this.) Yeah, there's a couple of duplicates. Salamence is an obvious one (one physical, one special). Hariyama and Kecleon I chose to use both abilities of, with different sets to go with each. (Supportive Thick Fat Hariyama, for instance, obviously alongside an offensive Guts one, and my Colour Change Kecleon is a Trick Room setter while my Protean one is a Skill Swapper.)

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#2 Exarion Team XC Pretty Face 5159 posts 202.00 XCB

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Posted 22 January 2015 - 07:24 PM

Ohh, Skill Swap Protean Kecleon sounds nice. o.o


Congrats River! =]

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