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Posted 22 March 2015 - 03:00 PM

WTF, almost 1 year without posting here!


Well, something has inspired me to write this haiku.

But I needed to write more, so I developed it into a sonnet.


Too bad it's in Portuguese (much easier for me to make it less forced), but I'll post a literal translation for you!

I may write a full adaptation in English later.




Planting and Harvesting


Gentle seed falls on gentle soil.

The meadow is full of fertility.

On it I drop affections from my lap,

I almost don't realize when it germinates.


Strong seedling, sympathy blooms,

We can see the branched confidence,

Even fruits of good esteem appears:

Grows strong the farmed friendship.


Suddenly, with an atrocious ax,

and no mercy or compassion,

You kill our snared trunk

Using the ungratitude blade.

Now, upon that torment wood

Burns the flare of my grudge.



And the original text, where you could check the rhymes and metrics.


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