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Life, why you such a bitch.

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Posted 19 December 2018 - 06:10 PM

Idk if you're gonna come back here to see if anyone said anything, but hopefully you do.


When you're doing nothing productive every day, with no income, it's shit. You're basically melting away your mind and for what? As fun as video or card games are, you can't have fun playing them when it's all you do, and in the back of your mind you're scared about how much longer you can go without getting a job.


So what sort of things can you do on an extremely tight budget, that can give you some joy? Could even make you more employable. Well, I'd suggest learning something. Not just so you have knowledge on it. But become an expert, or as close to an expert as you possibly can be. Transferable skills like communication and teamwork... those kind of things are out of the question since you're at home. But technical skills... now we're talking. Maybe you have a free library around you? Maybe not free, but you can go and read books on anything you like. From business and entrepreneurship, to law and politics, to biology and chemistry, to graphic design and programming, there are things out there for you to learn.


Everyone's CV is different. That's why you can't give up hope. Because sometimes they won't even know that you were the one you were looking for - and they certainly won't know that if you don't apply. So both Gren and Stomach are right - don't give up. There are always more places to work if you look even harder. Even if it means compromising a bit more than you'd like. And although I hate that I just recommended compromising, a last resort is a last resort. 


I can tell you from my own computer science background that there are loads of tools to help you learn programming. And it doesn't have to be software development or web design. It could be game design, or graphic design, or database management, or machine learning, or ethical hacking. Free tools exist I promise you. Youtube tutorials. Online learning platforms; for programming, there's Codecademy, or for game design, there's the Unity website itself. Books, if your library is free. You can learn technical skills while you look for job and every new thing you learn is an extra bit of hope and self-confidence that you can get out of this hole. Every day you'll be a slightly better person than you were before (though do take rest days). And you'll learn whatever technical skills you want. I know that if you have the hunger, you can achieve everything by yourself and at home if you really want it. You can learn to develop mobile apps and games and try release some into the market. Maybe it's not what you want to do, but you can't deny that the possibility exists - and it's important to remember this while you're feeling low. It's not over until the fat lady sings, so please don't sing, Kakashi.


Playing an MMO isn't such a bad idea either, if you try out a new one and spend lots of time on getting really good at it, you can genuinely go for becoming a streamer. At XC we all know and love an online forum, and most MMOs have a forum where you can become a big name and make friends. And if you can't stream alone, maybe you can find people to stream with there. There's a Kickstarter MMO called Ashes of Creation coming out soon which I've been excited for for ages - and I seriously considered planning to just sit at home and master the game, become a household name in the community, and start streaming. That's a real possibility too if you're dedicated. And you're a fun guy so I know you can do it.


Anyway, I hope this doesn't last much longer. I believe that everyone with internet access has the ability to be a huge success - you can self teach so much now. And if everyone can do it, then you're in that group too.

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