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Warcraft: A Foreign World

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Posted 10 July 2014 - 10:03 AM

God this hasn't been updated in a while, but, I am probably going to finish this. I'm going to move it somewhere else (and still post here), but once I find a home for it, I will update it again. So expect something soon-ish.

EDIT: So I found a home. Google Blogs. Will transfer everything over (and do some editing. I noticed a ton of grammatical errors and such) and start typing/writing again.

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Posted 04 August 2014 - 09:42 PM

Chapter 13: The Betrayal

"How long until we march upon Light's Hope my lord?"

"Soon, Alyxxal. Soon. I want the Scarlet Crusade to know my wrath." Arthas clenched his fist as he made his statement.

"Shall I march with others?" Alyxxal asked.

"No, but you will keep the rear guarded as to not allow anyone to escape."
Alyxxal and Arthas looked out towards the Scarlet Enclave, ready to make their final stand at Light's Hope. The Scarlet Crusade was making their final stand in their fortress, but Arthas had other plans for them. Any new recruits were to take an army of frostwyrms and decimate them from the sky. In the end, it didn't matter if the Lich King suffered casualties, all he cared about was the Crusade's extinction.

The final battle at the enclave was relatively short, as the battle ended about an hour after it began, bodies of both human and undead littering the field. The Lich King made the motion for the surviving recruits to move towards Light's Hope and to report to Highlord Darion Mograine, wielder of Ashbringer Corrupted. Alyxxal stayed behind until everyone was ready. She kept a watchful eye on the battle from the exit of the Noxious Glade, making sure no one escaped, Paladin or Death Knight.

Present at the battle were a score of new Death Knight recruits, ten thousand undead soldiers, Highlord Darion Mograine, Orbaz Bloodbane, Thassarian, and Koltira Deathweaver. Alyxxal looked on and say the defenders of lights hope, unaware of the small group of death knights awaiting them, as well of the thousands of scourge ready to be risen. Then, Darion broke the silence.

"Death knights of Acherus, the death march begins!" Darion shouted, raising Ashbringer in the air. "Soldiers of the Scourge, death knights of Archerus, minions of the darkness: hear the call of the Highlord! RISE!"

At that moment, the ground shook, and the undead horde started to rise from the ground. Alyxxal gave a smile as she was about to witness history in the making. The utter destruction of Light's Hope.

"The skies turn red with the blood of the fallen! The Lich King watches over us, minions! Onward! Leave only ashes and misery in your destructive wake!"

And so it has begun, the battle for Light's Hope Chapel. Paladins defending their sanctuary were cut down by the legion of undead. The Death Knight army, unwavering by the presence of Mograine. After thirty minutes of slaughter, there was an uneasy presence that filled the air. The ground shook again, but not to unleash more undead, but the light itself exploded from beneath the chapel. Alyxxal wondered what was going on, and who could summon such power. Undead after undead fell, and the army was no more. The death knights surrendered as Highlord Tirion Fordring came out into the field. Alyxxal peered into the distance and noticed Orbaz Bloodbane running into the Noxious Glade. Alyxxal snuck into the shadows and stiff armed him to the ground.

"And where do you think you are going, worm?" Alyxxal said narrowing her eyes. She withdrew her sword and pointed it at Orbaz's throat.

"You're a fool! The Lich King has no plans for these helpless fools! Don't you realize that all he wanted was to bring Fordring out?"

"You lie." Alyxxal slowly started pressing her sword into Orbaz's neck.

"Begone!" Arthas appeared from behind Alyxxal and launched her into a large boulder, knocking the wind out of her. "Orbaz, you best be wise to leave. As for you Alyxxal, I had no plans for you either, but it was amusing that you have done most of my work for me, and for that, you will be allowed to live. As for your powers..."

"You... bastard..." Alyxxal muttered.

"I will be taking them back." Arthas raised Frostmourne at her and started draining most of her powers from her. She screamed an unholy scream and lurched in pain. "I hope you do well to remember that I am the leader of the Scourge, that I am in command. May whatever comes this way takes your miserable life!"

Arthas walked away towards Light's Hope, finishing what he had originally come here for, Tirion's life.

"Touching..." Arthas said, draining Highlord Alexandros Mograine's soul.

"You have forsaken me, bastard! Face the might of Mograine!" Darion charged in, Ashbringer held high, towards Arthas with resounding fury. Arthas quickly drew Frostmourne and batted him away like a fly.

"Pathetic..." Arthas shook his head in disappointment. "He's mine now..."

"You're a damned monster, Arthas!" Tirion exclaimed.

"You were right, Fordring. I did send them in to die. Their lives are meaningless, but yours..." Arthas said, pointing at Tirion. He gave a sinister laugh and continued, "How simple it was to draw the great Tirion Fordring out of hiding. You're left yourself exposed, paladin. Nothing will save you..."

Fordring instantly buckled to the ground, gasping for air as Arthas launched a draining spell on him. The rest of the paladins started to charge in as Maxwell Tyrosus gave the command to attack The Lich King.

"APOCALYPSE!" Arthas yelled out in fury, casting a powerful spell that kills the charging defenders. Now all seemed lost, until Darion started to shuffle behind Arthas.

"That day is not today... Tirion!" And with his remaining strength, Darion threw Ashbringer towards Tirion, who catches it and becomes bathed in the light, cleansing Ashbringer in the process. A surge of power flowed through Tirion, healing him of his wounds. He slowly turned his head up to meat Arthas's.


"What is this?" A surprised Arthas yelled.

"Your end." Tiron grips Ashbringer tight and charges towards Arthas, who begins to turn and run away. Tirion gave a mighty slash, knocking Arthas back about thirty feet into the ground. Arthas slowly got up to see Tirion staring at him. Defeated, Arthas opens a portal behind him.

"Impossible..." groaned Arthas. "This... isn't... over..."

Tirion continued to look at Arthas, unmoving, ready to strike again.

"When next we meet it won't be on holy ground, paladin." Arthas disappears, and the battle for Light's Hope was over, with the defenders winning.

Tirion cast a spell to revive those who have recently fallen to Arthas, and motioned them to listen.

"Rise, Darion, and listen..." Tirion said slowly, getting his bearings straight.

"We have all been witness to a terrible tragedy. The blood of good men has been shed upon this soil! Honorable knights, slain defending their lives - our lives! And while such things can never be forgotten, we must remain vigilant in our cause!" Tirion started to pace around the chapel grounds.

"The Lich King must answer for what he has done and must not be allowed to cause further destruction to our world. I made a promise to you now, brothers and sisters: The Lich King will be defeated! On this day, I call for a union. The Argent Dawn and the Order of the Silver Hand will come together as one! We will succeed where so many before us have failed!" He stopped in front of the Chapel and turned his gaze towards the paladins and the death knights before him.

"We will take the fight to Arthas and tear down the walls of Icecrown! The Argent Crusade comes for you, Arthas!" Tirion exclaimed, raising his hand into the air.

"So too do the Knights of the Ebon Blade... While our kind has no place in your world, we will fight to bring an end to the Lich King. This I vow!" Darion stands up and opens up a portal to Acherus. "Death knights! Let's cleanse Acherus and reclaim it for the Knights!"

"WAIT!" The voice was loud and raspy, coming from the Noxious Glade. Alyxxal slowly crawled out, towards the remaining death knights that stood before her.

"You!" Darion marched towards Alyxxal, picking her up by the throat. "What makes you think I shouldn't kill you here and now!"

"Darion!" Tirion boomed across the field. "Let her speak."

"Put me down, cur." Alyxxal said faintly. Darion released his grip and dropped her to the ground. Alyxxal started wheezing, gasping for air. The blow she took from the boulder was affecting her lungs. She regained her composure and looked upon the death knights. "I know what you're thinking. 'She was closest to Arthas. How can we trust her?' Hear me out. He too betrayed me and left me for dead. I have naught the power I used to. And what of Orbaz?"

"What of him?" Darion asked angrily.

"Where is he now? Surely you didn't notice him run off after the undead horde fell?" Alyxxal grabbed her chest, bringing herself up from to eye level with Darion, who Alyxxal
couldn't tell if he was surprised or still giving her an angry expression. "He ran, yes, and now he's once again a favored pawn of the Lich King."

"Perhaps Arthas will throw him away just as he did with you. What's your point?" Darion was getting frustrated dealing with his tormentor, or at least was his tormentor. Now the roles were reversed.

"I want vengeance. Against Orbaz. Against Arthas. I will serve under you." Alyxxal kneeled on the ground, extending her hand. Amused, Darion laughed as he slapped her hand away.

"I will not take you. What use will you be with your powers gone? You're weak now. Weaker than even the initiates. Perhaps someone will come along and take you in. Maybe Silvermoon? That's right, they wouldn't accept you even if you had your powers and even swore allegiance. You have nowhere to go, Alyxxal. Everyone knows who you are, and when they find you in your current state, they will enjoy killing you. Now leave me be, I have a false king to slay."

Darion walked away and motioned the death knights into the portal to Acherus. Tirion gave Darion a threatening stare before he left. Shaking his head and giving a long sigh, Tiron walked towards Alyxxal, picking her up and healing her in the process.

"Don't mind Darion, young Blood Elf. I know who you really are, or, who you were. Alyxxia of Silvermoon, one of the grandest warriors ever to leave that famed city."
Alyxxal turned her head and looked at Tirion. "Thank... you?"

"I'll tell you what. There is a lot of things I have been hearing recently in that city. Whether you know it or not, a High Paladin has been crowned queen recently, and from what some of my scouts have been telling me, she is looking for people to join her cause. A unity between Horde and Aliiance. To work together to face the dangers of the world. Perhaps they could accept you in?"

"I don't remember much of my past, but I don't think they will take me in to kindly. Why not join with you?"

"Darion will work with me, but how well is another story. So long as he's around, he will find away to leave you on the side to die. You have talents that can be used elsewhere, as well as intelligence. If it will make you feel better, I will personally escort you to Silvermoon."

Shocked, Alyxxal quickly said, "Tirion, you don't have to..."

"Consider it my honor." Tirion said as he bowed. "Know this. I know more about you then you know. I've been watching you for some time, learning everything about you. I didn't think Arthas had this in plan for you. You were slowly becoming more powerful each and every day, eventually, you would surpass even his power. What Arthas doesn't know is that your powers are unique. They will slowly come back in full, and when they do, I will invite you to the final march on Icecrown."

"I... Thank you Tirion." For the first time in a long time, Alyxxal gave a smile that wasn't sinister or of pure evil. She smiled because she had hope. She was betrayed, and she wanted vengeance. A small amount of her former self emerged in this moment. What happened to the cruelty, the pure hate and malice she once held? It wasn't gone, just being held in check. "What time do we leave?"

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Posted 05 August 2014 - 04:21 PM

Four hours have passed since Charles has passed through the portal that dragged him in without a moment's notice. He slowly woke up from his slumber and took a look at his surroundings. The first thing he noticed is that was wasn't wearing anything.

"Well this is embarrassing..." He groaned. Charles then continued to look around and noticed odd garments and items laying around, books that he couldn't comprehend, and other things that didn't seem like they were from his world. After examining the room, he saw someone stand near the door. "Hello?"

The creature turned and looked at him and gave a wry smile. "Oh you're awake?"

Charles couldn't understand what the creature said and just shrugged at it. The creature shook it's head and walked out of the room. Charles didn't want to leave the room to explore considering he wasn't wearing any clothes. A few moments later, Velyssaval entered the room, wearing her queen's armor.

"Oh!" She said, and Charles was able to understand her, "You're awake finally... and still not dressed. Hold on one second"

Charles sighed at the thought of being in the same predicament she was when they first met. "So this is Azeroth?" Charles mumbled under his breath.

"Here." Velyssaval tossed some leather armor pieces to Charles. "They should fit. If not, you'll have to walk around in robes. I'll be back in a few minutes, have some things to attend to."

"Wait what am I-" Charles yelled out, but Velyssaval was gone in a flash. He looked at the armor and started putting in on, trying to figure out how along the way. As he was struggling to put the pants on, another blood elf walked in on him. This time it was Shinafae.

"Oh, sorry! Didn't know you were..." She stopped, taking curiosity for the man. Shinafae started to blush a little and walked towards him.

"Hey lady, don't you know privacy?" Charles yelled out. Shinafae just looked at him, clearly not understanding what he was saying. She still continued to walk towards him and pushed him down on the bed. Charles just sat there, not sure what to do, as he didn't want to cause a fight with someone he had no idea what her powers were. Shinafae put her hands on his legs, leaned over and stared at him in the eyes. She smiled at him and started to giggle.

"Here..." She whispered in Charles ear, and to much of his surprised, he understood her, "Let me help you with that."

"I don't need help." Charles said, fumbling around with his pant armor.

"Clearly you do." Shinafae said, still smiling. She grabbed his pants from him. "Stand up."

"No." Charles snapped back.

"It wouldn't be wise to upset a mage."

Charles groaned as he stood up. With a snap of Shinafae's fingers, the armor unbuckled itself, fitted onto Charles, and re-buckled itself in a matter of seconds. She then pushed him back on the bed again, in the same posture as before.

"Now," She said softly, "Was that so hard?"

"What do you want with me?" Charles mumbled, his face turning red.

"I'm intrigued on where you came from. You're pretty cute for a human, I'll give you that much. Better then the humans here."

"Shinafae!" Velyssaval exclaimed bursting in the room furiously. In a flash, Shinafae teleported away giggling. "Sorry about that, she's a bit... strange."

"So I've noticed." Charles got up and brushed himself off, clearing whatever dust might be on the armor. "So now what?"

"Well, it's unfortunate that you came at a complicated time. I'll explain in a second. Follow me."

Charles and Velyssaval walked out of the room into the main hall of the Ambassadors. His mouth dropped down as he seen many different people in the room with him. As soon as they both entered, everyone else turned their gaze towards Charles. Instantly Charles noticed to human girls sitting in the back corner of the room. At least he wasn't alone.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Charles. He's kept me safe in his own world from the portal I was sucked in the portal that was found outside of Silvermoon. I have no idea how long he will be staying, but please give him some respect. He's under my protection and care, and I do not wish to see any harm come to him. If you wish to get acquainted with him, then feel free to introduce yourself. Sadly, someone here has already got a little... close with him."

"I'm sorry Vel, he just seemed so hopeless!" Shinafae piped in. She was standing next to the table, leaning on it. Velyssaval just shook her head at her, showing disappointment on her face.

"Where did he come from?" Kayisk asked.

"He called his world Earth. A tranquil place where magic doesn't exist, at least, not in our sense of it."

"No magic?" Veriena said shakily. "Must be a dangerous place."

"Not really... well..." Charles paused a moment. "It's a bit complicated. My world is fairly normal compared to this world. Even when I first awoke, I felt the presence of magic, but I don't believe I could actually use it. In my world, guns are our weapons. Flying machines, soldiers numbering in the hundred thousands, many different factions. There have been world wars, there have been wars for resources, for politics, for many of things. Instantly I could tell that this world has been ravaged by wars unlike I have ever seen. So many differences, but so many similarities."

"I'm surprised though," Arturis said, walking forward towards Charles, "that someone like you hasn't panicked at the sight of creatures so diverse. Do Orcs and Elves exist in your homeland?"


"Then let me welcome you into this strange new world." Arturis outstretched his hand, asking for a handshake. Charles slowly accepted it. "Welcome to Azeroth. You will find things that are very unlike your own world. As a precaution, I would stay here until you learn how to defend yourself. There are many dangers that even you wouldn't dare to face alone."

"Thank you... and your name?" Charles asked.

"Arturis." Arturis smiled at Charles and started to take a seat at the table. Everyone else followed suit and took their spots. Even Valeera and Thrun sat down.

"Now that everyone is ready and waiting, I do apologize about the sudden mishap. Charles, if you could take a seat please. You will want to know what is going on. I'll explain it better after." Charles bowed to Velyssaval and took a seat next to Caitlyn, feeling more comfortable next to someone of his own kind. She just looked at him and whispered something into Ali's ear, giggling.

"In the coming days we will be preparing for our voyage to Northrend. We will finally put an end to the Lich King's reign and put an end to the Scourge once and for all. All of us in the room, excluding our newcomer, have suffered losses from the Scourge. Now for the first time, the Horde and Alliance will work together to end this threat. We will work with our leaders to send information across the battlefield and move as a unified war machine upon the land of the unholy, Icecrown. Our force, however, will be small, and will serve as a strike team on specialized tasks that a giant army wouldn't be able to do.

"We will be landing on the shores of Dragonblight, while a split group of both Alliance and Horde will be landing in the Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra. Our first task is contacting the dragonflights and requesting their aid. Afterwards we will scout the continent for any information we can bring and decide out next course of action. Arturis if you may..."

"Thank you, Lady Velyssaval." Arturis rose from his seat and took out a scroll of paper. "Now then. We have equipped all of you with the proper gear for this mission. Everyone will be paired into a small group as to not draw attention from the enemy, or anything else that would stand in our way. There has been a small problem, however, as one of our number will remain behind."

"Tiamal..." Velyssaval announced, motioning her arm for him stand, "Will be remaining here until further notice."

"I am to train our newcomer to the ways of our world. He will be ready in 14 days time." Tiamal looked at Charles with a blank stare, if perhaps Tiamal could stare, as he had no eyes. "You will be trained as a warrior. I will teach you everything I know about combat, survival skills, and everything else you need to know about our world. After that, both of us will depart to Northrend and join in on the mission."

"But why? I'm nothing like you... any of you. I plan on returning to my own world." Charles said looking around the room in a panicked state. "What if I die?"

"I will not allow it." Velyssaval piped in. "You kept me alive, and I shall do the same for you."

"I..." Charles gave a heaving sigh. "Alright. I didn't want to get roped in your war."

"There really isn't a choice, human," said Arturis, "You will be a part of this war as much as all of us. It's inevitable. The presence of the Scourge on our lands have lasted long enough. If there wasn't a better time to end their threat, it would be now. "

"I was part of the Scourge... once." The Forsaken were all part of the Scourge, until Sylvana liberated them. "The Dark Lady saved us and gave us a path. Some fight the scourge to free the land of its taint, others for vengeance. We are all victims from this."

"And we all seen the battles and hardships from this war as well." A man wearing Lightbringer armor and an Blood Elf death knight wearing Scourgeborne armor came walking into the hall. Everyone, but Charles of course, gasped at the death knight walking in, but was amazed at who was escorting her. Highlord Tirion Fordring bowed to Velyssaval and smiled at her. "Congratulations on the crowning."

"Thank you, Highlord." Velyssaval said, smiling and bowing to Tirion. "What brings you here?"

"I have someone here who would like to join you on your cause." Tirion motioned Alyxxal to walk forward, buy she just stood there, feeling the piercing gaze of everyone in the room, and the blood elves gaze piercing even harder.

"And why would we allow this filth to come with us?!" Exclaimed Valeera. "I know who she is. The fabled Black Death. The high and mighty Lady Alyxxal. Tormentor of the gate. Slayer of..."

"Ok, I get it." Alyxxal said, cutting Valeera off. "I've done terrible things during my service to Arthas. All of that is behind me now. I wish to redeem myself, as I have been betrayed, by Arthas, and by my other fellow death knights."

"How do I know you're not lying?" Valeera asked snidely.

"If I was, why would Tirion escort me all the way from Light's Hope to bring me before you?"

"A fair point." Velyssaval said. "You will be allowed to side with us..."

"Velyssaval, you are making a mistak-"

"...However. You will be accompanied with my regime until I can be allowed to trust you." A dozen eyes stared at Velyssaval, all in wonderment if she made the right decision. The tension was high, and the air heavy. No one wanted a death knight to join their cause. "I know what everyone is thinking, but realize this. Who would have better intelligence on the Lich King then this death knight here? I would consider her a valuable asset."

"And if she betrays us?" Caitlyn asked from across the table.

"Then I will end her life." Velyssaval walked down towards Alyxxal, staring into her eyes. There was a small amount of hope in those eyes. She felt like she made the right decision accepting Alyxxal into her cause. "Welcome to the Ambassadors, sister. Please, take a seat."

Alyxxal bowed and headed towards the tables. She didn't care if the entire room erupted into chaos because she knew she was finally safe. Charles shifted uncomfortably when Alyxxal sat next to him. Despite being undead, she was still beautiful.

"Erm, if I can have a moment Velyssaval." Tirion whispered.


"Terrible things have happened at Light's Hope. Arthas moved his army upon us, and we all suffered a terrible loss. Most of the death knights that followed him are now moving out to Northrend to join my cause and end him. There is no more Argent Dawn. It's now the Argent Crusade. I wish I could of asked you to join, but it seems like you are already occupied with your own problems."

"Yes... it's a little tougher then I have imagined bringing different people together for a common goal." She gave a small glance back at the table, making sure no one was trying to make a move on Alyxxal. "It's going to be even harder to keep everyone in check now that she's here."

"You will be fine. Everyone will come to their senses sooner or later. She's an invaluable asset to your cause. There is one thing however. Her powers were drained, so she's not as powerful as she was. It will take some time for her to recover. Until she is able to fight on her own, keep her well protected."

"Will do Tirion." The both bowed and departed. Velyssaval returned to her seat and gave a out a long sigh. "See, everyone is getting fine!"

Everyone else didn't think so. Caitlyn was fidgeting with her dagger she kept strapped on her thigh and was waiting for the perfect moment to stab Alyxxal in the back. Ali wasn't as hard pressed, but she was still on her guard if anything did happen.

"Now then, can we continue? Alyxxal, what do you know?"

"A small band of renegade death knights have broke away from the Lich King and swore to march upon Icecrown with Tirion's forces and bring an end to his reign. I'm not the only one who was free from his clutches. Personally, I have no idea what Arthas' motives are, nor do I know anything else outside from what I was commanded to do. The one thing I do know, however, that Naxxramas still breathes. To my knowledge, it is being relocated to Dragonblight. Kel'Thuzad will use that as an opportunity to unleash something grand. I do not know what."

"Naxxramas still stands?" Brumhildir held a horrified expression on his face. He was originally supposed to be one of the few to launch an assault when Naxxramas was still in Stratholme, but he was injured and couldn't join in the final fight. He heard that the forces were defeated, but somehow having the place still standing in full operation gave him the worst feeling.

"Yes, and the Lich King rebuilt his forces inside. It will not be easy to penetrate this time around, but I expect even that most of us with some help can put it down once and for all."

"Then it's settled then!" Velyssaval said jumping up from her seat. "After our scouting reports, we will be finding a task force to destroy the forces of Naxxramas. Any questions?"

After a long pause, Charles got up again and asked, "Can I got home yet?"

"No, now sit down." Charles groaned as his sat back down. "If no one else has any other questions, then you are all dismissed."

Everyone slowly left the hall as the sun started to set. Alyxxal and Charles were the only ones remaining. Charles moved into his temporary room. He wanted a long sleep before he could digest all the of information he had just received. Alyxxal was given a room next to his, and even she needed time to recollect her thoughts. Velyssaval stayed behind to sleep in the hall, making sure that no one would come for Charles or Alyxxal. The expedition to Northrend would begin in two days time.
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