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The Real Funney Convos Thread

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#3361 Flame Effigy Oldies Hot Fisting Action 1313 posts 0.00 XCB

Flame Effigy
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Posted 27 February 2014 - 10:57 PM

[10:57:02] <|FIRE|Gerdat14> Oh, and AFK?
[10:57:11] <AFK> Hi
[10:57:19] <Flame_Effigy> Hi Fran
[10:57:19] <|FIRE|Gerdat14> Remember, when your heart wants lifting, think of pleasent things.
[10:57:25] * |FIRE|Gerdat14 (flupScript@XC-912072D.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com) Quit (Quit: user exited)
[10:57:49] <AFK> You spelled pleasant wrong you stupid bitch.

Edited by Flame Effigy, 27 February 2014 - 11:03 PM.

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#3362 Gren Team XC That One Guy 5681 posts 146.00 XCB

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Posted 25 March 2014 - 08:45 PM

<&Flame_Effigy> I'm addicted to triscuits
<Gren> Hey kid, wanna yiff?
<&Flame_Effigy> I'm calling the cops
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#3363 L o t u s Oldies Bitch I Might Be 1735 posts 188.00 XCB

L o t u s
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Posted 31 March 2014 - 05:23 PM

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#3364 im a lamp Oldies Midbie 148 posts 0.00 XCB

im a lamp
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Posted 02 April 2014 - 09:32 PM

Spaceman: how is everyone tonight
Call Me Kurt Angle: mooki
Urthor: luv u 2
Spaceman: <3
Call Me Kurt Angle: :*
Spaceman: you guys having a good night?
Call Me Kurt Angle: ya i hate grinding rated
Spaceman: you can grind with me instead ;)
BrawlBall: ._.
Call Me Kurt Angle: bump n grind
Spaceman: guys where do you have more hair at
Spaceman: your ass or your scrotum
Call Me Kurt Angle: ass
Dgz/Biki: they both need scaping for me :/
Spaceman: it's okay biki
Dgz/Biki: gotta love that man scaping alonetime
Spaceman: not everyone is blessed to have their ass be
Spaceman: as smooth as fucking eggs
Dgz/Biki: i remember the first time i did it i used scissors and cut my ball sack like 3 times
Tori Kelly: how the fuck
Tori Kelly: do you cut your ballsack
Tori Kelly: with scissors
Spaceman: i remember one time i went 4 years without scaping
Spaceman: it was kinda cool my hair just stopped growing
Dgz/Biki: it wasnt like sliced open
Spaceman: but curled looked fucking awesome
Dgz/Biki: it was like scrapes but still hahahaha
Tori Kelly: lol
Sharpman: dn watchers chats are usually 10% yugioh 90% dick talk
Tori Kelly: Only with you
Sharpman: 0% and 100% when mookie joins
Tori Kelly: ^
Spaceman: i mean like its bad enough we are playing ygo
Spaceman: excuse me watching ygo
Spaceman: why cant we talk about our reproductive organs
Dgz/Biki: i remember playing in a poker event and this one guy just kept saying can we stop talking about poker and talk about girls and he was kinda old so i said mila kunis is overrated discuss; i dont think
Spaceman: i tend to pleasure myself 2-3 times a day
Dgz/Biki: he knew who it was so he shut up haha
Spaceman: guys do you ever watch the ygo anime and pleasure yourself
Sharpman: "no"
Spaceman: like sometimes i watch my favorite 5ds hhentai
Spaceman: with akiza just getting it from all the other guys
jhadd30: jennifer lawrence
Dgz/Biki: does the porno with the yugioh posted count?
Dgz/Biki: poster
Spaceman: like yusei and jack and the blackwing guy
Spaceman: yo hold up my mom just finished making my hot pockets
Spaceman: #21
Spaceman: #livingathome
Dgz/Biki: fuck you americans with your delicious treats
plsnobully: The more I try and understand dgz, the more facinated I get. this is one of the strangest yet ineresting conversations ive read.
Spaceman: i was to be kotf
Spaceman: then this guy asked randoms for votes
Spaceman: and beat me its okay though
Dgz/Biki: <3
Dgz/Biki: hey you just called me a random though :/
Spaceman: i'm not talking about you bruh bruh
Spaceman: he asked like ozymandias or whoever that is
Spaceman: i mean neat name yeah don't get me wrong
Tori Kelly: lmfao
Tori Kelly: fucking randoms
BrawlBall: is this g3?
Spaceman: how many of you guys post about ygo on your fbs
Sharpman: <
Tori Kelly: not me
Bundle of Sticks: I think the lack of hardass rules equalling order is one of the most fascinating things
Spaceman: and pick up bitches via card games
Urthor: most peopel have ygo multis
BrawlBall: not me
Sharpman: i probably don't because i post abot yugz
Dgz/Biki: urthor how long do you think it would take before i got mugged, attacked, killed by alcohol poisoning if i was to come to australia?
Urthor: or just only post in locked groups
Sharpman: but i decided to not care
Urthor: mugged zero
Urthor: kinda hard to mug people
Urthor: when there's 14 hours of daylight
Spaceman: have you ever tasted your own semen hamish
Spaceman: same question to you biki
Dgz/Biki: "no"
Spaceman: idk if you're joking or being serious
Tori Kelly: So, the quotes around the no means yes
Tori Kelly: Im taking that as a ye
Tori Kelly: *yes

spaceman is my fav member of dgz

Edited by Stegosaurus, 02 April 2014 - 09:32 PM.

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#3365 L o t u s Oldies Bitch I Might Be 1735 posts 188.00 XCB

L o t u s
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Posted 02 April 2014 - 11:38 PM

But you are space... nvm. o_o
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