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  • kakashipwnzorPhoto
    Friday Frolic the Second

    kakashipwnzor - Today, 06:17 PM

    So uh. Butts.

  • Stomach The MachoPonyPhoto
    Happy Thanksgiving from XC!

    Stomach The MachoPony - Today, 03:19 PM

    i prefer the butcher or the pork store, frozen meat from any supermarket is never as good

  • JessePhoto
    Happy Thanksgiving from XC!

    Jesse - Today, 10:03 AM

    Yeah, this is why I only buy meat from Waitrose, Sainsburys or M&S... --- I've only experience...

  • Stomach The MachoPonyPhoto
    Happy Thanksgiving from XC!

    Stomach The MachoPony - Today, 02:34 AM

    Those jokes are funny though while you gys were having your turkey i had undercooked chicken...

  • ExarionPhoto
    Happy Thanksgiving from XC!

    Exarion - Yesterday, 06:41 PM

    Depending on definition, I don't know if "most" of us are from USA.It's surely the most represent...

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News & Updates


Happy Thanksgiving from XC!

Yesterday, 12:24 PM

Posted By Setever in XeroCreative News
Happy Thanksgiving (or secular Thursday) from us here at XC! Our userbase is primarily from the United States, so I know most of you are likely celebrating today by gorging yourself, eating turkey until you either hurl or pass out from exhaustion.
As a complete and unashamed glutton, I look forward to Thanksgiving every year. Aside from any historical, religious, or cultural implications, having a few plates of turkey with gravy, some sides, and possibly chocolate dessert is my idea of a good time.

Tomorrow I'm gonna have a new weekend post up with a few exciting changes done and announced. Remember we have the Weekly Haiku Contest ending tonight at midnight. There's still time to get one in, silly or serious, thanksgiving-related or completely random.
And in the style of 'needing more space to fill,' here's a few almost-funny Thanksgiving jokes:

So take it easy guys! Don't die from the itis, and check back tomorrow. Here is your PSA on the itis: Beware the itis (YouTube)... Enjoy your holiday. As for now, tell me what you're thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday besides me (you're so sweet). Also, do you even celebrate, and what's typically on your plate?

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Friday Frolic the Second

22 Nov 2014

Posted By Setever in XeroCreative News

With a shrinking fraction of Friday left in even the easternmost timezone, I hereby proclaim the frolic of friday to finally be in effect. It's been a fun and long week, but not an unproductive one, and I'm pleased to announce a few new things in this weekend's update.

Weekly Haiku Contest
Last Friday, we started a new, weekly, haiku competition between members. Everybody has the option to post two haikus before the deadline (midnight on Fridays, EST), and two random XC judges will each pick their favorites confidentially. The judges will likely be different every time, so don't expect the same tastes in every picking.

The winners from last week's competition have been chosen. View the archives at any time to see previous entries!

Haiku #1 by kyros27 (total wins: 1)
Help me, I am trapped
In a haiku factory
Save me, before they

Haiku #2 by Rothon (total wins: 1)
hello eveyone!
nice to see you all again.
where have you all been?

Congratulations to both of you guys for being our first winners, and good job everybody who entered! And with that, next week's haiku competition is officially open. All XC members can enter. The winners will be announced in next week's Friday Frolic topic.

XC's Design
After upgrading the forum, it turns out a few of our modifications and skins (the previous default included) didn't work, and I spent a while getting everything back to par as well as adding some new features. The current default skin is extremely temporary and will be changed Sunday at the latest. After realizing duelistgroundz has the same default skin set up, I hung my head in shame. Still, I'm not worried, as I'm hoping on getting a personalized forum skin that blows our previous ones out of the water. For those of you who had gotten used to the old skin and are now settling into this one, sorry, but change can be very good, and I think this is one of those cases.
Furthermore, I have some cool modifications and redesigns of current features that I plan to bring forth that I think will make this place a lot better. Stay tuned! I have installed an "instant notifications" modification so that any replies, messages, or comments make popup and page title change occur, rather than having to refresh to see the notification, more similar to facebook and other social media sites. Members are also now greeted automatically with a PM giving them a brief introduction to the site and encouraging them to introduce themselves in our forums.
In other news, the previous front page of our website has been phased out. To anybody who can recount its many uses, please send me the memo. The two essential links to our chats and our downloads have been added into our main forum navigation. These pages will receive a makeover soon, too. Our index page directs to a new portal which I'm still tinkering with and have some plans to make into a more dynamic front page for us. In the future when we get things rolling a little faster, a new website design will be revealed with hopefully more purpose than just its face-value design. Needless to say, all these designs set up now will be changed in the future.

Other Highlights
Newsroom: In this post-2012-purported-apocalytia world that is this current day and age of ours, life can seem pretty mellow and uninteresting, but there is a lot going on in the world that is "news-worthy" and warrants discussion. I think that some topics in the news deserve their own individual discussion (e.g. elections, wars, etc) while some likely don't (e.g. speeches & soundbites, a person's doings, etc). For that second category, we've created the Newsroom topic. Click here to go to the Newsroom.

Reputation: Now that our forum is mostly cleared of spammers and spambots, "user reputation" holds a little more value. Unfortunately, spambots in the past voted a lot of members into negative reputation, ruining whatever score they had accumulated through quality posts. I want to continue to celebrate those quality posts and utilize the reputation system. I think it is a great method of telling someone "good job." So, I am in the process of recaching the reputation points (it takes the system a while), meaning that any members or posts that have been deleted no longer affect anybody's reputation points. On the flip side, some of those positive points have a very small chance of disappearing; although unlikely, if this happened, I'm sorry, and I'll try to restore the value. However, almost everybody has returned to either a neutral rating or are back in the positive. If you still see negative reputation given from any spambots or deleted posts, private message me and we'll get it sorted out to its proper value.


*UPDATE* User Name Styles: Uhhh, so, remember how I had to reinstall everything a few days ago? In doing so, it returned the default setting of deleting everybody's username style after 7 days, and I didn't notice or change it. That said, all of your username styles have been automatically deleted. Yikes. I have tried to get them back but it seems they variables are hidden and have been overwritten – even going back to old backups, they're not there. Sseeing everybody's choice of username style has been great and is not something I wanna lose, but all I can offer are free shop items to change them again to however you want. Serious apologies to everybody, but maybe there's a positive: users will come back and see their name stripped of color, prompting them to come back to the shop and fix it, and maybe check out our increasingly awesome forums and decide to stick around for a bit :thumbsup: You guys can whack me with a large trout now.


That's about it for this week's update. I hope you guys have had as entertaining of a week as I.
Any plans for the weekend? What have you guys got going on?

'Til next time!

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