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    Friday Frolic

    Jesse - Today, 07:02 AM

    Just noticed the logo for XeroCreative is gone. It actually doesn't look too bad as it is no...

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    Friday Frolic

    Rothon - Yesterday, 11:05 PM

    Hi guys, I kinda still exist, (at least temporarily). if things getmoving here I'll probably come...

  • SeteverPhoto
    Friday Frolic

    Setever - Yesterday, 10:20 AM

    Almost all of this is temporary. After upgrading the forums, almost all of our mods and skins cau...

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    Friday Frolic

    EeL - Yesterday, 09:32 AM

    Yeah, I think this looks like a step backwards. This looks like a forum from 2006.

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    Friday Frolic

    fluppy - Yesterday, 08:53 AM

    The forums seem to spaz out a bit on mobile


Friday Frolic

14 Nov 2014

Posted By Setever in XeroCreative Site News
Friends, acquaintances, slightly-evolved champanzees, and our town drunks, hello! As of [%today], I'm taking over XeroCreative. I say this with all the loving care of a mother who takes over her son's school project of creating a solar system diorama because he's too dumb and can't seem to remember the order of the planets and you don't want him to fail. Though in this case, the dumb one is me, for not having stepped up earlier when XC really needed help. I've always believed this website can once again blossom, and I've always believed I can help it get there.

Over the course of the following weeks, sit back, relax, and enjoy your place here. I don't think it will be immediate, but I am truly hoping a new era of this website will be created. The best word I can use to describe what I want this new era to be is a community. So many of us have made this real connection with another member of this forum, whether through yugioh or just shared disinterests, that we keep coming back. Though the ones with whom you shared bonds with in the past might not still be here, the potential still does; and so here some of us are, twelve years later, finding interest in a community that everyone bet would have ended years ago.

I'm glad I can step up, and am really excited to see what the future of XC holds. I will not make any promises I can't keep and will try to be as honest, transparent, and reliable as possible. I am your humble servant, but also your fearless leader. Let's turn this place around.

Posted Image

This will be part of a weekly news installment if you guys enjoy it. The name is... uh, subject to change, but I figured "why the hell not?" So, yes! Frolic, my people! Just as you should relax and enjoy this upcoming weekend, enjoy the time ahead for this website.

We have gotten the forum renewed and spam filter turned on, and in the very near future we will be completely up-to-date, with some new content.

Firstly, I'd like to announce the Weekly Haiku Contest starting in the Creative Writing forum. Each person may enter two haikus per week, and two XC judges will pick their favorites. The winners of this week's contest will be posted in the next Friday news post. Haikus really are fun and (relatively) easy, so don't be afraid to jump on in.

Next, I'd like to point out that our IRC chat is currently working, and in that extremely near future we will have irc.xerocreative.com server connecting correctly again, but as for now, jester.xerocreative.com will connect you to our chat server. Drop by #yvd or #xc for some discussion! Who wants to miss out on all the thrill and activity of our chats!?!? Furthermore, I fixed the connection for PJIRC on our front page as well as the independent link to the server.

So hang in there, guys. I have carabiners if you need some. I'd like to use this topic to ask you guys your weekend plans, also. Anything exciting planned? Going to a tournament, meeting Barack Obama, or roughin' up the gang across the street? I'd like to hear it. For me it's a weekend of relaxation. Saturday I'm taking a long hiking trip and will be gone most of the day, but I'll be here shortly after to get back to the forums.

Caio, Salut, and Aloha!
tl;dr -> frolicking cause we met Obama

  343 Views · 30 Replies ( Last reply by Jesse )


Forum Maintenance Complete!

08 Mar 2014

Posted By DarkBlaze557 in XeroCreative Site News
Well guys, nothing is broken!

As you can see just by looking, quite a few things have changed. Forums have been merged, moved, removed, created, and other features have also been changed. To briefly explain, here is the philosophy behind this change:

Websites need to be clean and efficient in order to foster proper navigation. Forcing users/readers to scroll excessively through a website causes uses/readers to become frustrated and they often will no longer visit the site if they reach this point. As such, we reorganized a lot of areas of the site to try to streamline what we have to offer and make it intuitive to locate. This also makes us much more scalable as we grow, allowing us to make changes and add more forums as our userbase increases over time.

If you'll notice, we cut out a lot of the extra "fluff" of the forum that didn't offer much, such as the Yugioh League, the Entertainment forum, and the MTG subforums.. We also tried to merge the forums that didn't make sense to keep separate, like the Rulings forums and the Art & Creation forums. Some forums got new names (like Off Topic changing to General Discussion), and some didn't change at all.

We also recognize that the community as a whole starts to gain interests in other topics. As such, a new forum was added for you all to share information on the new TCG from Blizzard: Hearthstone! Enjoy!

Some other changes came from other features that the forums have:
-XCBux as a whole were removed, but the shop itself was not. We still want you all to benefit from the items that the shop offered, so we are now offering them for free.
-With XCBux being removed, the investment options such as the Lottery and Bank were also removed.
-The reputation system was implemented with both positive and negative reputation. Some of you have reputation from past attempts at implementing this, and it's a bigger pain to try to reset that than it is to just roll with it, so we're just rolling with it.
-The Arcade has been bugged out forever and a new version was never released, so it has been removed.
-Other buggy extensions to the forum were also removed due to lack of interest.
-The Ladder was removed due to lack of use.

There was also a bit of a staff shake-up, so you'll notice that our moderating team has shrunk to match the streamlined, more efficient forum board.

As you take the time to re-acquaint yourself with the new forum design, please report any issues or concerns here. Thank you!

  3,099 Views · 49 Replies ( Last reply by Afro )


Reminder: Forum Maintenance

06 Mar 2014

Posted By DarkBlaze557 in XeroCreative Site News
Just a quick reminder that the forums will be down this Saturday for maintenance. Expect things.

  1,195 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Ritokure )

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